Articles  Authors
Fiji’s Sugar, Tourism and Garment Industries: A Survey of Performance, Problems and Potentials Paresh K. Narayan & Biman C. Prasad 3
Cyberspace Democracy: Freedom of Speech Dilemmas in Pacific Journalism Education David Robie 29
New Public Management and Public Enterprise Restructuring in Fiji Subhash Appana 51
Why is Interest Rate Spread High in Fiji: Results from a Preliminary Study T.K. Jayaraman & Rajesh Sharma 75
Militarism and Moral Decay in Fiji Winston Halapua 105
The Urban Informal Sector in Fiji: Results from a Survey Mahendra Reddy, Vijay Naidu & Manoranjan Mohanty 128
Debating Fiji’s Democratic Future Brij V. Lal 157
Coups in Fiji: A Personal Perspective Sumit K. Lodhia 163
Finding a Model of Reconciliation in Fiji Russell Daye 177
New Zealand and the Pacific Region: Challenges and Opportunities Phil Goff 193
Wages Councils and Just Wages Kevin J. Barr 199
Book Reviews
Subramani, Dauka Puraan Star Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Som Prakash        209
Subramani, Dauka Puraan Star Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Rameshwar Prasad    215
Satendra Nandan, Requiem for a Rainbow Pacific Indian Publications, Canberra Subhash Verma 217