Articles  Authors
Returns from Fiji National Provident Fund: Accounting Myth vs. Economic Reality Michael White  1
Subsidy Dependence and Financial Sustainability in Development Banks: The Case of the Fiji Development Bank M. D. Sharma
Uriam Timiti
Privatization of the Government Shipyard and Public Slipways – Some Lessons Jashwini J. Narayan  35
Culture and Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Essay Doraswamy Rao  57
Fiji’s Public-Private Sector Investment, Policy, Institutions and Economic Growth: Evidence from Time Series Data Rukmani Gounder  87
Student Ethnicity and Academic Performance: First-Year University Accounting Education Arvind Patel
Reema Patel
Diagnostic Test for Mathematics Students at USP Ulhas J. Dixit
Muni V. Reddy
Research Notes    
Sairusi Nabogibogi Brij V. Lal  131
Fuel Pricing in Fiji Gyaneshwar Rao  139
Bahut Julum: Reflections on the use of Fiji Hindi Brij V. Lal  153
Violence in Fiji: Presentations from a Panel Discussion on Violence in Fiji Vijay Naidu, Moses Driver, Susana Tuisawau, Prue Rouse, Daniel Urai, Gunasegran Goundar  159
Book Reviews
Mekim Nius: South Pacific Media, Politics and Education by David Robie Shailendra Singh 185
Stolen Worlds: Fijiindian Fragments by Kavita Nandan Larry Thomas 189
Tears in Paradise by Rajendra Prasad Avinash Kumar 195
Introductory Commercial Studies by Ganesh Chand and Veer Varma Chandra P. Dulare Ashwin V. Nand 198