2005-3(2) (Gender Issues)

Articles  Authors
Articulated Cultures: Militarism and Masculinities in Fiji during the Mid 1990s Teresia K. Teaiwa 201
The Church Versus Women’s  Push for Change: the Case of  Fiji Eta Varani-Norton 223
Understanding Poverty from a Gender Perspective Priya D. Chattier 249
Violence, Agency and Freedom of Movement: Issues Emerging out of the Lata Sisters’ Disappearance Susanna Trnka 277
Making a Difference Where it Counts: A Case of Activism, Advocacy and Action-Research with Two Women’s Groups in Fiji Eci Nabalarua 295
The Embodiment of Gender and Madness in Colonial Fiji Jacqueline Leckie 311
Gender, Health Inequality, and Hidden Healers in Rural Fiji Barbara Herr Harthorn 337
A Tale of Two Mothers: Colonial Constructions of Indian and Fijian Maternity Vicki Luker 357
Wild and Domesticated: Matailobau Foods, Gender, and Rituals Diane Michalski Turner 375
From Little Girl to Young Woman: The Menarche Ceremony in Fiji Marijke Sniekers 397
Paradise Revisited: Women’s Writing from Fiji Gina Wisker 425
Rights of Sexual Minorities Jacqueline Leckie
Akuila Yabaki
 Gender Bibliography Jacqueline Leckie 455