Articles  Author
Is the Twin Deficits Hypothesis Relevant to Fiji? T.K. Jayaraman
Chee-Keong Choong
Fiji’s Exports and Comparative Advantage Azmat Gani
Biman C. Prasad
The ‘Fijian Dilemma’: The Revolving Door Syndrome in Ethnic Fijian Rural Development, 1950s-1987 Asinate Mausio 41
Education and Integration in Fiji: A Historical Perspective Padmini Gaunder 69
‘This Process of Political Readjustment’: Aftermath of the 2006 Fiji Coup Brij V. Lal 89
1987 to 2007: The Complexities of Fiji’s Four Coups Sanjay Ramesh 124
Diplomatic Exchanges in the Pacific Islands:
Mapping the Networks
Richard Herr
Robin Nair
Caught in the Web: Public Discourse in the Age of Electronic Communication Brij V. Lal 154
Reflections on the 1987 Fiji Coups Sanjay Ramesh 162
Trends in Industrial Disputes in Fiji, 1987-2001 Anas Khan
Riad Khan
Book Reviews
Institutions, Economic Performance and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Fiji Islands, by Biman C. Prasad and Clem Tisdell Sukhdev Shah 183
British Documents on the End of Empire, Fiji, Series B Volume 10, edited by Brij V Lal Morgan Tuimaleali’ifano


Stolen Worlds: Fijiindian Fragments, edited by Kavita Ivy Nandan Seri I. Luangphinith 190