2007-5(2) (Poverty)

Articles  Author
Introduction: Poverty in Fiji – Evidences from Recent Data Sunil Kumar 195
Fiji’s Current Poverty Situation Kevin J. Barr 205
Poverty and Affirmative Action Policies in Fiji: Paradigmatic Fault lines Sunil Kumar 209
Economic and Social Sector Development for Poverty Reduction in Fiji Rukmani Gounder 237
Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Programs in Fiji:
Are they Pro-Poor?
Miliakere Kaitani 263
Poverty, Health and Nutrition in Fiji Fozia N. Razak
Biman C. Prasad
Poverty Reduction Policies for Fiji Vijay Naidu
Kevin Barr
Kesaia Seniloli
Political and Economic Instability, and Poverty in Fiji Anas Khan
Riad Khan
The Capability Approach: Mainstreaming Gender into Poverty Discourses in Fiji Priya Chattier 329
Book Review
Report on the 2002-03 Household Income and Expenditure Survey, by Wadan Narsey Sunil Kumar
Neelesh Goundar