2008-6(1&2) (Media & Development)

Articles  Author
Coups, Media and Democracy in Fiji Shailendra Singh
Biman Prasad
Reproducing Disengagement: Citizens’ Orientations, the News Media, and Democracy in Fiji Erik Larson 9
Media and Democracy in Fiji: An Assessment of the Print Media’s Coverage of the Office of the Auditor General Susan Naisara Grey
Graham Hassall
Freedom of the Gatekeepers: A Free Media Study of NZ and Fiji – Self-Regulation or State Intervention? David Robie 55
Women, the Press, and the Fiji Coups d’etat Rae Nicholl 87
Journalism in the New Age of Participation: Meeting the Challenge in Fiji Newsrooms Sophie Foster 111
Sites of Resistance: Fiji’s Untamed Media Hannah Harborow 129
Bridging the Divide with Participatory Video Usha Sundar Harris 145
Pacific Islands Diaspora Media: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations for a Pilot Study Evangelia Papoutsaki
Naomi Strickland
Freedom of Information and Media Accountability in the Pacific: Case Studies of Fiji, Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea Carolyn Thomas
Carly Tawhiao
Natasha Burling
Power and Influence? A Commentary on ‘New Culture’ and its Role in Shaping Political views Kylie Anderson 201
New World Journalism Richard F. Naidu 207
Reflections: Challenges Faced by Journalists in Multiethnic Fiji Verenaisi Raicola 224
The Fiji Media Council: Form, Function and Challenges Daryl Tarte 227
Self-Regulation with More Accountability and Transparency Sophie Foster 235
Freedom and Independence of the Media in Fiji: A Report. Executive Summary Fiji Human Rights Commission 238
Response to Dr. James Anthony’s Draft Report on the Inquiry into Freedom and Independence of the Fiji Media as Commissioned by the Fiji Human Rights Commission Fiji Media Council Public Members 245
The Media and the Truth Padimini Gounder 250
Coup Coup Land: The Press and the Putsch in Fiji
David Robie 271
Book Reviews
Media & Development: Issues and Challenges in the Pacific Islands, by: Shailendra Singh and Biman Prasad, eds. Rae Nicholl 286
Turnings: Fiji Factions by: Brij V Lal Cresantia Frances Koya 289
Shedding Silence – An Anthology of Writing from Fiji Prisons by: Mary Daya (Ed.) Mohit Prasad 291
Valuable Stepping stone to Pacific Media South Pacific Islands Communication: Regional perspectives, local Issues, Edited by Evangelia Papoutsaki, Usha Sundar Harris Josephine Latu 294