2011-9(2) (Banking & Finance I)

Articles  Author
Banking and Finance in Fiji – An Introduction Biman C. Prasad 1
Financial development and economic growth in Fiji: new empirical evidence Neelesh Gounder 9
Sustainable development in the small states of the South Pacific: toward a corporate social    responsibility for international banks Parmendra Sharma
Mark Brimble
Global corporate governance practices at   crossroads: lessons for Fiji Krishna Reddy
Umesh Sharma
Examining the level and determinants of        corporate social responsibility in Fiji Mahendra Reddy 83
Does law really matter for stock market development? The case of Fiji, 1997–2007 Parmendra Sharma
Duc-Tho Nguyen
The role of remittances in financial development in Fiji Nilesh Prakash.
Rukmani Gounder
What Should be the Monetary Policy Objective of the Reserve Bank of Fiji? Chandra P. Dulare 137
A Brief History of ANZ in Fiji Norman Wilson 149
Bank of Baroda: A Brief History and Operations in Fiji Pabitra Das 153
Bank of the South Pacific: A Brief History Salome Waqailiti 155