2017-15(1) (Girmit)

Special Commemorative Issue: Girmit
Fiji: Absent-Present and Vice Versa Brij V. Lal 3
From Indian Coolies to Fijians: Culture and  Identity Change among Indo-Fijians Vijay Naidu 11
Indentured Labour Migration and the Making of an Indian Diaspora in South Africa, 1860-1911 Goolam Vahed 27
Restorying Girmit: Commemorative Journalism, Collective Consciousness and the Imagined Community Farzana Gounder 47
Whose Story is it? Colonialism, Syria Ship Wreck, and Texting Race Relations in Fiji Ganesh Chand 63
In Search of ‘The Children of the Wind.’ A Journey to Chattisgarh Brij V. Lal 93
Girmitiyas’ Health: Review, 2017 Neil Sharma 109
Dialogue: Writers Forum
Charles Freer Andrews (12 February 1871 – 5 April 1940): The Abolition of Indenture, A Centennial Essay Satendra Nandan 123
Home, Migration and New Identities: Some Reflections Manpreet Kaur
Sanjaleen Prasad