2004-2(2) (Governance)

Articles Authors
Introduction Stewart Firth
Kate Hannan
From Homo Civicus to Homo Politicus: Civil Society, Civic Education and Democratic Governance in Fiji. Case Study: The UNDP-Fiji Parliament Civic Education Initiative Steven Ratuva 171
How Modern was Speight’s Coup? The Case of Naloto Anare Tuitoga 191
Spectres of the Neo-Liberal State and the (Im)possibilities of Democracy Ashwin Raj 209
Governance Challenges for Pacific Island States Graham Hassall 227
From Campus to Newsroom in the South Pacific: Governance and the Quest for a Professional Journalism Ethos David Robie
Shailendra Singh
How Significant is the Colonial History of the Pacific? Ian C. Campbell 269
Book Reviews
Winston Halapua. (2003) Tradition, Lotu and Militarism in Fiji. Lautoka: Fiji Institute of Applied Studies Sandra Tarte 283
‘Remembering Girmit’ Brij V Lal 286
Literature Review
The Art of Governance: A Review of Discussions of Governance in Pacific Island Countries Kate Hannan 291