Articles Author
Public Sector Reforms in Fiji: NPM and Opportunities for Abuse Subhash Appana 1
Emergence of Performance Auditing in Fiji, 1970-1995: A Hermeneutical Inquiry Nirmala D. Nath
Karen Van Peursem
Stewart Lawrence
Reconciling Culture and Tradition in Market Economies Mahendra Reddy 59
Enhancing the Relevance of Welfare Economics in Developing Traditional Societies; An application on Backpackers’ Willingness to Pay for Communal Use of Land in Fiji Filipo Tokalau 75
A Conceptual Centralized Clustering Model for Small-Medium Scale Farmers in Fiji Sully Taulealea
Rajendra Mulye
Quality of Life in Fiji Jagjit Singh 105
Food Prices and Health Outcomes in Pacific Island Countries Azmat Gani
Saia Kami
The Hague Immigration Lecture, 2008: Marking the 135th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indian People in Suriname Brij V. Lal 145
The Stresses and Strains of Multiracial Living Anirudh Singh 155