2011-9(1) (Renewable Energy)

Articles  Author
Energy Economics in Small Pacific Island Countries: Some Issues Sunil Kumar
Hong Chen
Energy Use and Efficiency in Fiji: Is Price Policy Effective? Mahendra Reddy 13
A Case-Study on Economic and Financial Analysis for a Proposed Small Wind Turbine System: Case Study for Fiji Ravita Prasad 27
Pre-feasibility study of a potential Wind farm in Benau, Savusavu, Fiji Denise Chand 43
Wind Power in Fiji: A Preliminary Analysis of the Butoni Wind Farm Ajal Kumar
Tony Weir
Aspects of the Use of Biomass as an Energy Source for Cooking in Fiji Surendra Prasad 71
The Environment Impact Assessment of Renewable Energy in Taiwan Ping-Hsin Shih
Keng-Tung Wu
Juinn-Horng Yeh
Upgrading Properties of Biomass Fuels by Torrefaction Process: Applying to Existing Coal-fired Boilers Keng-Tung Wu
Chia-Ju Tsia
Use of Esterified Soybean, Sunflower, Mustard, Karanja and Neem Oils in C. I. Engine K. Anbumani
Om P. Chaturvedi
S. K. Garg
Rohitash Garg
Micro-hydroelectricity in Solomon Islands – Current Status October 2010 Peter D Lynch 129
It’s a wind generator Jim, just not as we know it: Making the Case for a Modern Commercial Application of Sail in Fiji Peter Nuttall 143
Utilization of waste cooking oil for biodiesel production Bandna Chand 165
Solar Cookers for Rural Development in Fiji Islands Mukesh Verma 173
Evaluation of Different Biofuels for Power Generation in Villages through Genset Om P. Chaturvedi
Basdeo Lal