2013-11(2) (Education)

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Chemical Literacy: Fiji’s Basic Science Teachers’ Professional Practice in Chemical Management Sofia B Shah
Runaaz Sharma
Personal Science Teaching Efficacy of Primary Pre-service Teachers in Fiji: Impact of Constructivist Approach Vinod Kumar Gupta
Runaaz Ali Sharma
Science uptake in Fijian High Schools Ganesh Chand
Upasna N. Kishore
Changing Views of Culture, Learning, Teaching, and Knowledge: Fiji In-service Primary Teachers. Govinda Ishwar Lingam
Gillian Boulton-Lewis
Jo Lunn Brownlee
Narsamma Lingam
Professional Development of Pre-service Teachers: The Case of Practicum Experience Govinda lshwar Lingam  DL
Contributing Factors for Successful Practicum by Primary Trainee Teachers Satish Prakash Chand  DL
Gender Mainstreaming in Educational Leadership Policy in Fiji Jasmine Mohammed  DL
Creativity and Innovation in Education: Fiji’s Future Biman C. Prasad  DL
Challenges for the Fijian Teaching Profession in the New Decade Ganesh Chand  DL