2016-14(1) (History: Fact, Fiction & Factions)

Special Issue on History: Fact, Fiction and Faction
Of Journals and Journeys: Reflections Brij V. Lal 5
A Room to Write: End of Life without Fiction Subramani 25
The Tamarind Tree: Vignettes from a plantation frontier in Fiji Brij V. Lal 35
Faction, Fact and Fiction Doug Munro 51
Fact, Fiction & Faction: A Selection of Published Works
Tombstone Blues: Is Josephine Earp’s Memoir of her Legendary Husband a Hoax? Jefferson Decker 63
Fact, Fiction or Faction Pamela Rushby 67
Totaram Sanadhya’s Experience of Racism in early White Australia (a transcreated narrative) Purushottama Bilimoria 71
Indian Indentured Labourers of Guyana – A Historical Fiction Perspective Khalil Rahman Ali 89
Hope and Disappointment: Nearly Impossible Task of Searching Ancestral Roots in India Satish Rai 99
The Fiji-Indian: A Complex Fate Satendra Nandan 109
Message from Fiji Media Watch: World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2015 Agatha Ferei Furivai 127
On Open Letter James Bhagwan 130
World Press Freedom Day Address, 2016 Shailendra Singh 133
‘Defactualization’: A Brief Note on the Making of Syria Wreck Rescue Record Ganesh Chand 138
The McGregor Report (On the Syria Rescue Operation [1884]) William McGregor 145
‘Letter from Alex Cockburn to Acting Colonial Secretary Dr. William McGregor Alexander Cockburn 155
Dr. William McGregor to Arthur Gordon, 11 June 1884 William McGregor 158