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Fostering and Celebrating Creativity in Education: A Formidable Challenge Srinivasiah Muralidhar 3
Fijian Primary Pre-service Teachers: Science Teaching Outcome Expectancy Vinod K. Gupta 19
Students’ Reflections on Portfolio Assessment in Mathematics Hem Chand Dayal
Bronwen Cowie
Salanieta Bakalevu
Oceans and Rivers Literacy in Fiji’s Social Science Curriculum: An Analysis of Primary School Textbooks Niranjan Lal 47
A Glass Still Full: Retirement and the Historian Clive Moore 57
On Being an Historian in Different Academic Settings Doug Munro 73
ANU MADE ME, BUT WHICH ANU IS MINE? My Australian National University Extinguished Lecture Brij V. Lal 89
Reading for Pleasure and Academic Success – A Case Study Khemendra K. Kumar 113
Evolving School Management Responsibilities to Meet New Challenges Chandra P. Dulare 125
Portrait of a Teacher as an artist Satendra Nandan 131
Fijian Peace Traveller Subramani 137
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A Review Essay: Quality Teachers and Teacher Education in Fiji. Identities, Challenges & Priorities. Final Report 2016 Manpreet Kaur
Sanjaleen Prasad
Recent Doctoral Theses in areas Related to Education in the Pacific: A Bibliographical Snapshot Chaminda Jayasundara
Md. Sohail