Cover & Editorial    
Globalization and Education in Samoa: Reaffirming the Local in a Predominantly Western System Tagataese Tupu Tuia 3
Fourth World Literature and Subramani’s stories: A Study Hetal S. Patel 17
Hearing Pacific Island Voices: Digital Divide in Guam’s Public Schools Richard Carlos L. Velasco 25
Technology vs. Traditional Teaching in Accounting Education: A Case Study from Fiji National University Avanish Kumar Shukla
Mohammed I. Sharif
The Internet Generation and its implication on Higher Education Alexandra Dias 53
Report of the International Conference on ICT and Post-2015 Education UNESCO 61
Qingdao Declaration on ICT and Post-2015 Education UNESCO 95
Information Technology and Knowledge Economy: A New Development Agenda For Fiji Ganesh Chand 101
Bearing Witness to Bearing Witness Doug Munro 121
Address: At Launch of Bearing Witness Michael Wesley 129
Literature & Reviews    
Brij Vikash Lal: Bearing Witness to Fiji’s Jagged History – Bearing Witness: Essays in Honour of Brij V. Lal by  Doug Munro & Jack Corbett (eds) Sanjay Ramesh 135
Discussions and Debates in Pacific Education, by Jeremy Dorovolomo, & others (eds) Manpreet Kaur
Salesh Kumar
Sanjaleen Prasad
Political Life Writing in the Pacific: Reflections on the Pacific by Jack Corbett and Brij V. Lal Romitesh Kant 155